GTA Online: How To Complete Treasure Hunt Challenge | Game Guide

It was reported earlier that Rockstar Games was planning a new type of challenge for Grand Theft Auto V. News came from leaks that unveiled the developers interested in throwing together a challenge in which would tie GTA Online with the upcoming and highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 video game release.

Now we’re finding out that Rockstar Games has unleashed the challenge allowing gamers to claim a special double action revolver. If you want the specialized Red Dead Redemption 2 gun then follow our guide below.

Step #1 Challenge Alert

In order to start things off, players will need to roam around freely on GTA Online. After a few minutes, the game will send you an e-mail which will start the Treasure Hunt challenge.

Step #2 Map Location

Within the e-mail, players will receive an image from the GTA Online map. You’ll need to locate just where the map is directing you to. It’s tough to state just where to head as the game will generate a location for you that may be different from someone else.

Step #3 Location

While at the designated location, you’ll need to look for a parchment. It can be hard to find, but luckily the game will have an audible bell signal to alert you when you’re close by. The closer you are to the parchment will result in a louder bell.

Step #4 New Locations

This parchment will showcase three more locations on the map to search out. You’ll be collecting a clue at each location.

Step #5 Double Action Revolver

After you have gathered all three clues from the previous step, the game will showcase a new destination. At the new destination, your character will stumble upon a treasure chest with the Double Action Revolver.

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