ModMic 5 Review: Your Next Ultimate Gaming Headset

When it comes to headsets, there’s a relatively big list of requirements you’ll likely be going through before your actual purchase. Essentially, you’re looking for a great pair of headphones with the added benefit of a microphone attached.

Your list of requirements may range from pricing, comfort, sound quality, and the actual audio quality of your microphone. Likewise, let’s face it, there are a ton of headsets out in the market and it can be difficult shuffling through the mediocre sounding headsets for a decent pair which could mean making a few online gamble purchases. However, if you already own a perfect pair of headphones that you enjoy using regularly then we have a perfect solution for you.

The ModMic 5 by Antlion Audio is a modular attachable boom microphone that you can stick right on your favorite pair of headphones. This would allow gamers to not only use their headphones for their intended purpose, but they could easily turn them into a headset in order to chat online.

As you may have noticed, this isn’t the first iteration of the ModMic, instead, Antlion Audio has worked on the ModMic 5 in order to deliver a number of design issues that have come up in the past. With the new improved ModMic 5, consumers will find that the attachable microphone is easy to place on a pair of headphones with an appropriate amount of flexibility, granting the ability to better position the microphone.

Outside of the ModMic 5 boom microphone, inside the box you’ll find a protective case, a braided wrap to use for the wires, clips for cable management, two anchor pieces for the boom microphone, an in-line mute hub to mute your microphone with a flip of a switch, and lastly, two cable extensions to connect the ModMic 5 microphone to your computer.

Essentially, the two cable extensions range in size, allowing users to connect the microphone whether they need the extra cable length for their particular build or a normal standard one-meter extension connection.

Likewise, I also mentioned that the ModMic 5 also comes with an additional anchor piece so that you could use the microphone on another pair of headphones or you can simply keep it as a backup in case the adhesive starts to lose its attachment to your headphone over time. With that said, we haven’t experienced anything negative with the adhesive itself or the magnetic connection with the microphone.

Speaking of the microphone itself, there are two options that can be activated by a switch. Depending on preference, you could choose to use an omnidirectional or unidirectional mode. Both of which provided a nice clear audio for our party to hear online.

All-in-all, we’re pleasantly surprised with the ModMic 5. For about $70 online, you’ll definitely want to pick one up and give it a try with your daily headphone driver.

Full Disclosure: A unit was provided for purposes of this review.