Doki Doki Literature Club: How To Get the Best Ending | ‘Fulfilling’ Walkthrough

How do you even describe something like Doki Doki Literature Club? What appears to be a basic virtual novel dating simulator turns into something much more horrifying as you play. It’s a truly frightening experience, and if you want to experience the game spoiler-free, I suggest you stop reading now and go download the game, available totally for free on Steam, and play through it a few times before coming back.

So, what is Doki Doki Literature Club. You’ll write poetry for the Literature Club, talk to one of the four “cute” girls, and go through all the motions of a trite dating sim. There’s a twist in this game, and the strangeness grows with each playthrough. If you’re completely lost, confused, and need some answers — the “Fulfilling” ending is the best one, and getting it isn’t exactly easy. There’s even a message from the developers after you’ve earned it.

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Needless to say, there are massive spoilers ahead. As if I haven’t spoiled enough already.

Fulfilling Ending Guide – Step-by-Step

If you’ve never playing or completed Doki Doki Literature Club, go ahead and skip the first step. If you’ve earned the Monika Ending, you’ll need to “fix” the game and create a fresh file.

  • How to “Fix” and Create a Fresh New Game File
    1. Right-Click Doki Doki Literature Club in the Steam Library
    2. Select Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files
    3. Enter the “game” folder and delete the “firstrun” file.

Now you can restart. The main menu will be available and you can start fresh.


Best Ending Guide

To get the “best” ending, you’ll need to unlock all the cutscenes for every character.

  • Step #1: Sayori Scenes
    1. Start a New Game and appeal to Sayori.
    2. Select “bittersweet” or solemn words when writing Poems.
    3. You can unlock two special scenes with Sayori by writing poetry that specifically appeals to her.
    4. At the end, confess your love for Sayori.
    5. After confessing your love, and before the scene of Sayori’s death, exit and start a New Game.

If you unlocked the first two scenes with Sayori, it doesn’t matter who you select to help prepare for the festival, Sayori will always come to you, and you’ll be able to confess your love. You need to quit before witnessing any murder scenes — the murder scenes will break your game. Don’t worry — all the scenes you’ve viewed so far are recorded, even if you’re creating another save file.

  • Step #2: Natsuki Scenes
    1. Start a New Game before Sayori’s death scene, and appeal to Natsuki.
    2. Select “cute” and “fluffy” words when writing Poems.
    3. Again, you can unlock two special scenes with Natsuki by writing poetry that specifically appeals to her.
    4. At the end, select Natsuki to help you with festival preparation. The third cutscene will play.
    5. Sayori will arrive, as usual. Exit the game before checking in on Sayori to find her dead.

Like before, you’ll need to get two scenes by writing poetry with words that appeal to Natsuki. You’ll also have to select Natsuki to help you with preparations for the festival. As always, Sayori will appear. Exit before checking up on her! The choices she gives you on this run won’t matter.

  • Step #3: Yuri Scenes
    1. Again, start a New Game before witnessing Sayori’s death. This time, appeal to Yuri.
    2. Write poetry that specifically appeals to Yuki to unlock two cutscenes.
    3. Select Yuri to help you with preparations for the festival. The third cutscene will play out here.
    4. Sayori will appear as usual. The choices she gives don’t matter.
    5. Witness Sayori’s death this time. Continue instead of starting a New Game.

This is when things get weird. The game will glitch, Sayori will disappear, and lots of bad things will happen. Everyone goes crazy, and Monika will appear in a void after deleting the other characters, leading up to the standard ending. Except, if you’ve collected all 9 scenes, you’ll be able to get the best ending.

  • Step #4: Deleting Monika
    1. Once you reach the void with Monika, you’ll find a new file in the installation files.
    2. Exit the game, then find the “game” folder.
      • Right-click Doki Doki Literature Club in the Games Library -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files
    3. Monika’s Character File is the only file in the folder now. Delete it.
    4. Continue and go through the dialogue that appears.
    5. Start a New Game.

This time, Monika is gone and you’ll be able to start a new game with her missing. The game will play out, you’ll get a cutscene with Sayori, and everything will glitch and fall apart during the credits, leaving you with a special message from the developers. Neat, right?

NOTE: If you didn’t see all 9 cutscenes, images will appear during the credits — black and white pictures indicate which scenes you missed.

The game is basically glitched beyond recognition at this point. You can reinstall, or just delete that “firstrun” file, described in the quick guide at the top. And that’s how you get the best ending! Have fun, and try not to get too many nightmares.

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