Warframe: Get A Free Weapon & Lots Of Glyphs With These Still-Active Promo Codes

Warframe, the always-online shooter with tons of PVP and PVE content, is still going strong after all these years. So strong infact, that a number of promo codes are active — anyone with the proper promo codes can unlock a whole bunch of glyphs, and a free Heat Sword. Learn all about the many cods in Warframe, and which ones still work with the list below.

So, what exactly are glyphs in Warframe? Glyphs are kind of like holographic graffiti. You can place them in missions to display an image, or use them as an avatar / player icon. Basically, glyphs are purely cosmetic little things, but it’s still cool to get free ones. Use these promo codes fast, because they might not last much longer.

Free Promo Codes List

To redeem Promo Codes, go to the in-game market or log-in and input codes here. All Promo Codes are in caps / numbers.

The Weapon Promo Code provides a free Heat Sword, complete with Weapon Slot and Orokin Catalyst.

  • Weapon Promo Codes:
  • Glyph Promo Codes:
    • ADMIRALBAHROO [Note: May only last another week.]
    • SUMMIT1G
    • SP00NERISM


An Orokin Catalyst is a special component used to enhance weapons, doubling the mod capacity on Weapons made for Archwings or Sentinels. They can be purchased or crafted after acquiring blueprints. Once installed (and the free sword comes with an Orokin Catalyst pre-installed), the Catalyst doubles the amount of power that can be consumed by mods, but does not increase the amount of mod slots. Basically, you’ll be able to equip more powerful mods instead of a larger quantity of mods.

The energy capacity of a weapon will always be double its rank — as it ranks up, the bonus will increase as well. At Rank 40, it will be doubled to 80. It doesn’t matter when you installed the Catalyst, you’ll always have double, so it’s a good idea to install early and often.

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