Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: Attack of the Radioactive Thing – Double Pack-a-Punch | Walkthrough Guide

The third DLC to release for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is known as the Absolution map pack. Included in the map pack is a brand new Zombies map known as “Attack of the Radioactive Thing”. Currently, at the time of writing this guide, the DLC is available for the PlayStation 4.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get the Double Pack-a-Punch working on the latest Zombies map, Attack of the Radioactive Thing. Check out the guide down below along with other Attack of the Radioactive Thing guides from Gameranx.

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Note: To access the Double Pack-a-Punch, you will first need to gain access to the Pack-a-Punch machine. If you have yet to gain access to the machine, you can follow our guide on it right here.

Step 1

To start things off you’ll need to grab the crowbar. You’ll find this melee weapon within the opened room at the Motel.

Step 2

After you have grabbed the crowbar, you’ll need to head towards the RV trailer to pick up Alien Fuses. To gain access to the RV trailer then head to the RV park and enter the orb which will take you to the projector room.

From there, hit the button located on the wall which allows you to teleport inside the RV trailer. Take the crowbar and smashes the cabinet directly to your left that is also above the window.

After the cabinet is smashed, just look at the Alien Fuses to equip them into your inventory.

Step 3

Now that we have our Alien Fuses, head to the Power Station so that we can charge up the fuses. First off we need to grab the missing component within the Power Station’s Power Box. You’ll find it in the trashcan near the building outside of the Power Station area.

Placing the missing component in the Power Box will also give players the ability to use the electrical trap within the Power Station.

Step into the radioactive area within the Power Station and your fuses will be left on the ground. Now you’ll have to wait until the trap goes off and charges your Alien Fuses. Once charged, grab the Alien Fuses and continue on to step four.

Step 4

Now head to the Pack-a-Punch machine and place the Alien Fuses within the machine itself.

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