System Shock Switches to Unreal Engine, and Teases New In-Game Footage

Nightdive studios believe that switching from Unity to Unreal will improve console support.

Nightdive Studios will be giving System Shock a “faithful reboot”, by sacking Unity for Unreal Engine 4. A risky endeavor for sure, but game director Jason Fader assures us that they’ve “mitigated [the] risk by switching early”.

The developer had a wonderfully successful kickstarter campaign last year, and the decision to switch engines was reportedly contemplated in August 2016. The motive, to maximize performance on consoles.

“After listening to everyone during the Kickstarter campaign, it became clear that console support was very important to a lot of you. We took a hard look at what Unity could do on consoles, and what we wanted to achieve for both visual quality and performance. While Unity is a great engine, it was clear that we needed to use an engine that fit our project goals more closely.”

This week we got our first look at pre-alpha PC footage, and it’s looking pretty sweet. If this is pre-alpha, then there is promise.

Source: Kotaku