Batman: Arkham City Glitches

Batman won’t just have to defeat supervillains if he wants to save Gotham. He’ll also have to contend with some entertaining glitches along the way.

Batman: Arkham City might be getting a glowing response from critics, but even the best games out there still fall victim to their fair share of glitches. Though the Dark Knight's latest adventure has only been out for a few days now, vigilant gamers have already managed to catch several bugs, ranging from the useful to the frustrating to the downright hysterical.

Here's a look at five of the best that have cropped up so far.

First up is your standard "fall through the map" glitch, discovered by YouTube user PANiCBOY21. It's probably the most helpful of the bunch, as soaring around the underside of the city will actually allow you to nab the achievement or trophy for gliding 50 meters with having to worry about silly things like buildings or the ground.

Next up is a bug encountered by WhereDaBoots, featuring an enemy who's returned from the dead and seems to be frozen in place. And you know how the best way to defeat your enemies is to get inside their heads? Let's just say that Batman clearly has that strategy down.

Next up is another entertaining glitch in the enemy AI, discovered by GameFails. With the dramatic music pounding in the background, it's pretty clear that this henchman is looking to give Batman a bit of what for. Alas, his deathly fear of trashbags has left him trapped, spinning in circles, convulsing, and muttering to himself.

This next bug is a simple one, but that doesn't keep it from being plenty entertaining. While trying to grapple to a light post, YouTuber Mogurchak found himself frozen in the air, unable to do anything to escape. In a way, the scene is actually kind of calming, with Bats taking a midair time out while the city keeps bustling behind him.

Finally, we've got a glitch from Pr0gamingcom, showcasing Bruce Wayne's little known weakness: trash cans. Early in the game, you're tasked with fighting some goons and scrambling onto a rooftop while still out of costume, but as the video shows, pick the wrong side of the dumpster and you'll be stuck there forever. Looks like Gotham will have to save it self, because Bruce has some garbage to hug.