NBA 2K15 List Of Improvements That Need To Be Made

One fan takes to the web to point out what 2K Sports has been doing wrong with the franchise.

Fans want to see changes in NBA 2K15. We run through a list of the biggest improvements and fixes that need to be done, as tallied by one passionate fan.

This is really more a list for the hardcore NBA 2K player, but if you are one of those gamers, I’m sure you will find yourself nodding to everything here. Without further ado:

Most of these complaints are related to the game not simulating real life correctly. Going through literally every one of these here would be tedious, but a lot of these are obviously wrong. For example, players with low 3 point ratings and steal ratings are way better at these skills than they should be. Seven foot players cannot seem to rebound properly. Some attributes, such as layups, dunks, etc have 98-99 ratings when they shouldn’t be. The big problem with these is not that they make playing easier or harder. It’s that these issues are not logical, and make any attempt to play better at NBA 2K15 deviate from improving your skills, in favor of following the game’s random and illogical nuances.

There are complaints about MyTeam as well. Contracts need to go, and more offline modes need to come in. There should be more opportunities to build up teams by competing challenges or playing offline tournaments.

MyTeam also needs a better matchmaking system. Each MyTeam should receive a rating, with gold teams receiving 90 + ratings, vs bronze teams that should only be able to get 70 + ratings. These ratings should keep the gold teams from being matched up with bronze teams, allowing beginners to build up their team slowly and sensibly.

Lastly, and I feel mostly importantly, this fan wants NBA 2K15 to be play to win, not pay to win. As is the case with many other games, microtransactions seem to have hurt NBA 2K15’s fundamental design, and while it may provide 2K Sports with more avenues for income, that’s come to the detriment of the players, no matter how 2K or anyone else spins it.

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