Neverwinter Expansions Will Have Quick Release Cycle, Next Module Will Be ‘Exciting For Fans’

Cryptic’s Lindsay Haven tells us about how the community is motivating them to make rich experiences in short order.

Cryptic’s Lindsay Haven shared the company’s intent to rapidly iterate on the coming expansions for the latest Dungeons and Dragons MMORPG, Neverwinter.

In Forgotten Realms lore, Neverwinter is the most cosmopolitan and civilized metropolis in Faerun. Also known as the City of Skilled Hands or the Jewel of the North, it has been a fitting setting for several novels and games, with Cryptic’s work only the latest to explore this rich world.

Lindsay talked about how interest in the game and its world turned out to exceed their highest expectations. Consequently, when Cryptic saw the actual scale of their player base, they realized end-game content was not as complete or compelling as it should have been. It’s this mindset that powers the development of the game’s expansions, starting with the recently released Fury of the Feywild.

With Fury of the Feywild, Cryptic made everything new, from the dungeon, the story and quest, down to the art style. However, they have been rapidly developing new ideas on how to improve the content and so they already in deep with the next release. They plan to fill each expansion with new, high quality content, so that it may take a little longer than a month to release each addition. However, just because there are so many stories to tell in the Dungeons and Dragons universe, they intend to make their release cycles as quick as possible.

Lindsay places a lot of credit on the rapidly growing Neverwinter community for motivating them to make new content immediately. They are actively asking fans for feedback, and have made it explicit that the next release will be really exciting for fans.