Xbox One Pre-Orders Resume on Amazon, Microsoft Store After Policies Drop

You can still pre-order an Xbox One, thanks to today’s news.

This might be the craziest battle between two consoles we’ve ever seen, and guess what? Neither the PlayStation 4 nor Xbox One has even released yet. After Sony’s fantastic showing at E3, which included a low price of $399 and the confirmation that none of the Xbox One’s new policies would appear on the PS4, Microsoft has decided to fight back. Just about all of the not-so-user-friendly decisions the company has made concerning its next-gen console have been reversed, and because of that, pre-orders are once again open for the Xbox One on select outlets.

This news has just been confirmed by Major Nelson, who Tweeted that both Amazon and the Microsoft Store are offering reservations on the Day One Edition of the Xbox One. We had been hearing that the initial allotment for the console had already been met at just about every retailer out there, but it seems that today’s breaking news has lead Microsoft to allow new buyers to throw money down. At this time, it looks like GameStop won’t be offering any additional Xbox Ones, yet that could change in the coming days. Honestly, it feels like anything can change after such a crazy day.

The console will still sell for $499, which is a chunk of change more expensive than the PlayStation 4. Microsoft went back on many of its initial plans, but the price seems to be set in stone. If you weren’t a believer in the future of the Xbox before, does this announcement change your mind?