Xbox One Lets your friends play for you, talks to you if you have none

Kinect may actually perform more complex actions than Microsoft demonstrated.

Since shouting commands at your Xbox reaches all new levels of strangeness, according to Polygon, the Xbox One's new Kinect will also respond to your voice commands to eventually allow back and forth conversations.

Using the Kinect facial scanning recognition, if the Kinect does not recognize someone in a room of people, the Kinect will inform the Xbox One owner of the unidentified person. Once informed, the Kinect will ask this new person to identify themselves through name. This feature may not be ready at the Xbox One's launch, but when – if at all, it does, expect it to function somewhat like iPhone's Siri.

In addition to potentially awkward Kinect conversations, using the Skype application, players can ask their friends for help while playing a game, which then enables them to take control of gameplay. This feature replicates Sony's claims with the PS4's Gaikai technology that they positioned as a way to let people watching their friend play, take over at any time to provide some assistance.

According to Polygon's sources, this feature exists in a functional state but details such as, the duration a friend can play to provide assistance, still needs confirmation. The technology for this service remains unclear to the report's sources, yet latency should not prove an obstacle. 

Source: Polygon