Saints Row 4 Announced With Excellent Trailer

No one game should have all that power

The most descriptive part of today’s reveal trailer for Saints Row 4 is not all of the ridiculous nonsense that goes on during gameplay footage (though that’s important enough too), it’s the text that accompanies it. Slowing down your dramatic reveal trailer in order to apologise for a mistake that you made on purpose, that’s the kind of stupid genius that the series is successful in conveying. It’s a game that is so inherently stupid that it requires a team of geniuses to pull off.

Everything else in there suggests an increased level of scale and one-upping, like the team finished the previous game and asked what they could possibly do to top it. To that end, it’s a game filled with explosions, weird clothes, hand-to-hand combat that doesn’t make any sense, laser guns, jumping really high, punching and kicking people so hard they fly away, hitting people covered in ice so they shatter, shooting people with a gun that makes they eyes pop out, dancing on top of cars and nearby them in pink gorilla costumes, punching a bunch of people in mascot costumes that look like energy drink cans and ending the thing with a giant energy-drink giant that’s the size of the stay-puft marshmallow man!

The best upside? The release date of August 20th is two days before my birthday, so we all know what to get me.

We’ll soon have some other reveals on the site that weren’t shown in this video. We’re aren’t allowed to talk more about them yet. Keep checking back, maybe aim for around the time that a popular public event starts next week.