Nvidia Releases Resident Evil 6 Benchmark Tool

Nvidia’s put together a benchmark tool for Resident Evil 6.

Nvidia has put together a benchmark tool for Resident Evil 6 ahead of the game’s release so gamers can figure out if their PCs will be able to run the game—and at what settings. Given the fact that it’s a straight port from a six year old console, I can’t see why most PCs would have any trouble running the game.

Weighing in at close to a gigabyte, the benchmark tool allows you to test your framerate and see how it performs within the game. As the tool is developed by Nvidia, it’s unknown whether it’ll run on any AMD/ATI cards, so I don’t recommend downloading it unless you’re running on a GeForce.

If you’re keen on picking it up and testing your system, just head on over to the GeForce website here

Resident Evil 6 is slated to make its PC release on March 22. That’s next month.