PlayStation 4 Report Suggests Controller Will Have A Touch-Pad

There will be a touch-pad on the surface of the PS4’s game controller, a VG247 report suggests.

playstation orbis

We don't typically report on second-hand news with claims rom anonymous sources, but the usually reliable Pat Garratt at VG247 reports that a source close to Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 controller will include a front touch-pad.

The news comes a week ahead of Sony's big press event on February 20, where the company is expected to announce their next-generation console platform, currently codenamed 'Orbis', which we're tentatively calling the PlayStation 4.

The VG247 source claims that the rumored PlayStation 4 controller with a touch-pad is real, and that the input—which is designed much like the back touchpad on the PS Vita—is on the front of the controller. As such, the start and select buttons have been moved.

Speaking to the publication, the source claims that the PS4 controller retains the same shape as the existing DualShock 3 design, and that the L2 and R2 buttons have been redesigned for better grip. The two trigger buttons have been a major source of complaints due to their slippery design.

The report somewhat echoes the one published by Edge a couple of weeks back, but VG247's source says that there is no "Share" button on the device, as the previous report claimed.

Given the anonymity of both sources, it's hard to say whether either of them is telling the truth, or whether they were both privy to the development of Sony's next-generation console at different stages.

The new rumors follow a purported leak of the PS4's full system specs on Gematsu and VGLeaks.

Given that the announcement is set to take place a week from now, gamers won't have to wait for much longer to find out the truth about Sony's next-gen platform.