Xbox 720 vs Used Games: Microsoft Asks Gamers If They Prefer Physical Copies or Digital Downloads

Prepping to announce the next Xbox at E3 this year, Microsoft has put up a poll on its official Facebook page to garner the reactions of gamers about their purchasing habits.

xbox 720 logo

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that the next Xbox may very well disallow customers from playing used games. While rumors like this have been circulating for quite some time now, a poll that went up on Xbox’s Official Facebook page gives more credibility to those rumors than ever before.

The post asks Xbox fans whether they prefer buying a physical copy of the game in comparison to using Microsoft’s Games on Demand service. The response was overwhelmingly favorable of owning a physical copy of the game, with the choice in question garnering over 1,000 votes in less than seven minutes. Games on Demand came in with only 84 votes to its name.

What does this mean for the games industry? It means a couple of things, but none more so than a modicum of risk for any company that charges headfirst into banning used games from their respective console(s).

It’s apparent through this seemingly minute Facebook post that gamers know what they want, and if any company thinks that they can overcome the odds portrayed in this poll, more power to them. With some of the largest video game markets in the world seeing recession, it almost seems like a pitfall to step into something so unexplored and unwanted.

I’m no analyst, but it doesn’t take a genius to see where the literal numbers lie on this debate – gamers want to continue buying used games. The poll speaks for itself, and though Microsoft has since removed the post, we remember what happened.

Via Reddit