Paradox Interactive Is Bringing The Magicka To Android And iOS Tablets

Entitled Magicka: Wizards of The Square Tablet, it will feature cross platform play between iOS and Android.

Today Paradox Interactive has announced that Magicka, the action adventure title based on Norse mythology that sold 200,000 copies in its first seventeen days of retail last year, will soon be coming to Android and iOS tablets. The previously-PC only-game, available currently on Steam, will bring with it new loot items, new single and multiplayer campaigns, four person cross platform co-op between iOS and Android, and of course, spell casting galore.

A live-action announcement trailer for Magicka: Wizards of The Square Tablet, showcasing the game's team kills and iconic mischievious brand of humor, can be seen above. There's no word yet on when it'll cast a spell on iOS and Android folks, but we'll update you with a release date as soon as one is announced.