Total War: Rome 2 Unveils the Iceni Faction

The Iceni are the latest faction to join Total War: Rome 2.

total war rome 2

Creative Assembly has a lot of things planned for their upcoming game, Total War: Rome 2, which sees a return to the age of Classical Antiquity like the first Rome title.

Today, the studio took to announcing the Iceni faction, an Iron Age tribe of southern Britain—proud warriors whose resistance to the Romans and their allies was legendary. The Iceni are described as fierce and practiced raiders who frequently engage in battle against their neighbors, the Coritani and the Atrebates.

These brave tribesmen make principle use of infantry when at war, specializing in the sword and the spear with tall shields. Like other British tribes, they made use of war-chariots and light cavalry to wear down the enemy before striking at close range.

Here's a snippet from the game's Wiki entry of their culture:

"Far from simple barbarians, the Iceni have established a capital, known as Venta Icenorum, as well as large religious centres. Although based on agriculture, their economy is sophisticated – they even mint their own coins. Their culture, craft and wealth are illustrated in the form of fantastic gold torques and other jewellery worn by their nobles.

As a playable faction, The Iceni are brave and warlike; invoking the goddess Andraste as they charge into battle drives them to even greater feats of valour. Their expertise with iron makes the resource a particularly effective form of income for the tribe, as does their skill at raiding and looting. And as a warrior society, the happiness of the people increases with every fresh declaration of war."

Like its predecessors in the series, Total War: Rome 2 is exclusive to the PC. It comes out this year.