Ubisoft’s ‘Osiris’ Rough Cut Footage Unearthed, Mistaken to Be Prince of Persia Reboot

It seems Ubisoft Montreal has been working on a new IP called Osiris…that’s the game that was rumored to be Prince of Persia last year!

Remember last year when leaked screenshots of an alleged Prince of Persia reboot made the rounds during E3? Well, as it turns out, those aren't for a new Prince of Persia but for a new franchise altogether.

In a video unearthed by Internet videogame sleuth Superannuation, the images come from a new IP being developed by Ubisoft Montreal called "Osiris." The video was caught on the Vimeo account of one Mark Killian who states that it was "commissioned by Ubisoft Montreal" and was posted five months ago as part of his online portfolio.

If you want to watch the video, I suggest doing so now, since there's a high chance Ubisoft's legal dogs might take it down.

Based on the short video, it's understandable why people might assume that this is for a Prince of Persia game. The setting, look and even font won't look out of place in a Prince of Persia game. While Killian's reel showcased more motion-capture than actual in-game shots, it does show us what Ubisoft Montreal was going for.

For now, we have no clue whether Osiris has been canned or is in development for next-gen as a new IP or has been rolled into an Assassin's Creed spin-off. Ubisoft Monteal is, of course, the studio behind Ubisoft's multi-million selling stealth action series. 

While there's a chance it could be new IP, Prince of Persia fans will be saddened to know that the franchise wasn't getting a reboot after all. If so, it falls in line with Ubisoft Montreal's statement last night that the Prince of Persia franchise has been "paused" for the meantime.

We will update the situation as more events unfold.