Nintendo Direct: Poké Ball Themed 2DS XL Announced

Just don’t confuse it with the Poké Ball zip purse…

If you thought the sumptuous matte finish of the new 2DS XL couldn’t be topped, I’m happy to rid you of that ridiculous notion. Nintendo has officially outdone itself.

Behold the magnificence of the Poké Ball Themed New Nintendo 2DS XL:

Simple. Classy. A must for every true Pokémon fan.

The new design sports the classic white and red colour combo featured on every poké ball Ash Ketchum ever threw. Can you imagine how it would feel to play Pokémon Sun and Moon on this beauty?

Of course, Japan is also getting a Pikachu edition:

Astute fans will have noticed that the new model bears an uncanny resemblance to this wallet:

Confused? We won’t hold it against you if you pick up this wallet and start pressing ‘buttons’.

Nintendo of America said on twitter that the Poké Ball Edition New Nintendo 2DS XL would be launching on November 3. The price is yet to be confirmed. A follow-up tweet revealed a Super Mario Odyssey themed Nintendo Switch console, which is due to launch alongside the game on October 27.

The New Nintendo 2DS XL first came out in July.

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