Black Ops 2 “Pre-Match Freezing Issue” Fixed Revealed for PS3

Black Ops 2 for the PS3 has its share of problems, but here’s a fix that’s quite easy to do.

If you're a Black Ops 2 PS3 player, chances are the game isn't exact a bed of roses right now. There's connectivity issues, framerate stuttering in-game and even freezing before the start of every match.

While the game did get a 56MB update; Treyarch hasn't revealed the patch notes just yet. Odds are, it's for the game's connectivity problems as we're getting reports that the matchmaking is more stable for the PS3 now. 

So, what to do about the other two niggles the game's experiencing? Well, for the framerate stuttering, we've yet to come across solution for that, but for the "pre-match" freezing issue? Lucky for us that someone figured out how to "fix" it.

In a post by Reddit user DoodooButter, he claims found out what's causing it and has outlined the fix:

I figured out that it's from looking at players emblems. DO NOT HAVE A PLAYER HIGHLIGHTED WHEN THE COUNTDOWN REACHES 0 FOR THE GAME TO START. I stopped doing that and I haven't had a problem since. And I tested it out to make sure that really was the problem, and yep the shit froze.

I just tried it out and it does seem to fix the pre-match freezing. Unfortunately, it doesn't fix the other issues regarding player cards. For some odd reason, it freezes whenever I try to look up a player's card. Heck, it even freezes when I click on my customization menu when the matchmaking loads or something. Hopefully, Treyarch fixes most of these stuff soon, as they can be very annoying.

Has anyone experienced this in-game? Try the fix out and see if it works. What other bugs and issues have you experienced from Black Ops 2's PS3 version? Share them below in the comments…who knows? Someone might have a fix for it, too, no?