Origin Hacked, EA’s Own Security Measures Used by Hacker to Lock Users from Own Account

EA’s Origin digital distribution platform has been hacked and what’s worse, the hackers have locked the users out of their own accounts using EA’s security measures.

Are you one of the millions using EA's Origin digital platform service? If so, you might want to read what happened to these people so it doesn't happen to you/

One main concern in these hacks is that most of the users who got their accounts hijacked can't gain access to it due to EA's stringent security protocols — namely, one that relies on someone's date of birth registered in Origin.

According to VG247's source, who wishes to remain anonymous, his account got hacked by someone whom he believes resides in Belarus who not only hijacked his account, but also altered the security question answers so he can't get it back.

This anonymous victim has already called EA numerous times, but only to hit a mudstop once the EA rep asks for his date of birth…one of the security protocols the hacker has changed. The user likens talking to EA's Origin customer service as "talking t machines," and despite having the receipts of every game purchased from his account, proof of residency, and even game activation codes, he still can't access his account without providing the date of birth.

EA's answer to all these is simply to contact Origin support which is kind of ironic since they need your date of birth to verify your account. 

However, not all hacking reports end with a sad tale, one customer — who also experienced a problem with his date of birth — got his Origin account back after after talking to Customer Relations.

About 4 days later I was contacted by someone from EA Customer Relations who arranged a phone call with me. When we spoke, they could see that the account had been hacked and verified my account by asking what my shipping address was and what games and game keys I had on the account. I had previous dates and order numbers ready from my purchases in case they need that info. After that they could get my account back.

He adds, "I was impressed with how quickly and efficiently they could resolve the issue." So, at least some people do get their hacking issues resolved, no? 

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Gaming forum NeoGAF also has a thread about this whole Origin hacking mess and I suggest you browse through it. Who knows? It might help you out.

Has your Origin account or someone you know been compromised? Were they able to resolve the issue? Is this the fault of the user or much more on EA's part?