Mirror’s Edge Gets a Spiritual Sequel in Outlast

Outlast is said to draw heavy inspiration from DICE’s Mirror’s Edge.


EA and DICE have declined to confirm whether they still have plans for a Mirror’s Edge sequel, but the fans of the game may not have too long to wait for a free-running title that’s similar in nature.

Outlast is a survival horror title in which you’ll spend much of your time dodging and running away from your enemies instead of facing them head on.

Speaking to VentureBeat, Outlast developer David Chateauneuf says that the upcoming game draws heavy inspiration from DICE’s Mirror’s Edge.

“Mirror’s Edge was definitely a good inspiration. We definitely like that feeling that you are actually the main character and not feeling that you’re just a camera floating in the air with a gun at the bottom of the screen,” he said.

“We definitely want [players] to feel more immersed by the experience. So by having to interact with the environment, we’ll put the player more close to the action. For us, it was really important. Really touching the walls, and interacting with different things. That’s something that we want to bring to the game.”

Outlast is in development for the PC and is set for a Q3 2013 release.