Some New Info on New Super Mario Bros. U Released!

Why are these games always so fun?

Every new Nintendo Console typically comes with a new Mario game or one is released shortly after the system launches. It is somewhat remarkable, even for non-Nintendo fans, that this franchise has managed to keep its freshness over the past 25 years. Now, with the first of the next gen systems finding its way to shelves in the United States at the end of November, Mario once again finds himself with a new game, on a new system, with the same pressure to perform. 

Nintendo released some details about the game today. It is somewhat reminiscent of Mario 3 but with the multiplayer fun that manages to break up relationships and turn friends into enemies that we have come to expect from anything that allows two people to play a Mario game at the same time. 

So, this game can be played on the controller itself or on the television screen. The Miiverse allows players to put up hints, share achievements (aka brag), and challenges throughout the game. In addition, the following details were released today: 

  • Challenge Mode allows players to complete specific objectives like Time Attack, Coin Collection or 1-Up Rallys. There is also a Boost Mode that requires two players. Players can record and release their attempts and share them with friends. 
  • Coin Battles allow 4 players to compete inside a level. The purpose of this mode is to see who can collect the most players. The interesting part of this mode is that a player on the large wii u remote can adjust coin placement in order to properly challenge all players. 
  • The World Map has returned to Mario Brothers for the first time since 1992's Super Mario World. This map has many more secrets inside for players to discover. Interestingly, Nintendo notes that all the worlds of the game are connected upon booting so that players can play through each world in a nonlinear fashion. 
  • Nabbit is a creature that appears on occasion. on the world map. This challenge is something like a race with the goal to nab, nabbit. If players complete this objective, they gain access to P-Acorns that allow players to fly through an entire level. 

New Super Mario Bros. U launches with the Wii U on November 30th.