Dead Rising 4: Get 40,000 Scrap Every 10 Minutes | Fast Money Exploit

Only on Xbox One: Low on funds? Here’s a method to easily earn tons of scrap. All you need is a pirate’s treasure chest and a little bit of time.


Cash (or Scrap, as it’s called in Dead Rising 4) is a valuable resource for Frank West as he slaughters zombie hordes all across Willamette.

With enough scrap, you can unlock collectibles maps, powerful weapons, vehicles, and an endless supply of snacks. One of the best and most expensive items available at every Emergency Shelter is the Training Manual — a booklet that instantly unlocks a unique skill when purchased. Too bad it takes so long to earn scrap just by killing zombies or completing challenges.

Basically, scrap is really useful and if you’re looking to get all those maps / manuals / misc. items, then you’re going to need to earn. We’ve already covered some zombie-killing strategies, but if you’re looking for money and only money without the hassle, this is the best way to get scrap fast.

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Fast Money Exploit Guide

Frank West, while exploring the town / mall, can examine two special items — ATMs and Treasure Chests. These items give tons of scrap when searched. Typically, you’ll earn between 1,500-4,500 scrap each search, and Treasure Chests tend to give even more scrap than ATMs, so always keep an eye out for them.

Due to the mechanics of Dead Rising 4, after you search a container it can’t be searched again — unless you reload to a previous checkpoint. After reloading the world, all containers will reset, allowing you to search them endlessly. There’s one location that stands above all others, one that can be easily farmed and is available right from Case 1.

How to Farm Scrap – Step-by-Step

  1. From any Emergency Shelter, enter the basement and fast travel to the Willamette Mall. Exit to Main Menu, then Continue. This will create a Checkpoint at the Willamette Mall Emergency Shelter.
  2. Use the Employee’s Only hallway to reach Caribbean Cove though the back doors that lead straight into the Pirate Ship’s bottom floor entrance.
  3. In the first Pirate Ship room, loot the Treasure Chest. Treasure Chests typically give 4,000~ scrap. You might get more or less, but it’s usually about 4,000. Sometimes you’ll get as much as 6,000.
  4. Open the Pause Menu and select “Load Last Checkpoint” — you’ll reappear in the Willamette Mall Emergency Shelter.
  5. Dash back to Caribbean Cove, loot the Pirate Ship treasure chest, and rinse and repeat until you’ve got the cash you want.

That’s the easiest way to earn scrap in Dead Rising 4. There might be better places to farm in Willamette — if there are, let us know in the comments!