Modern Warfare 3 Glitches Guide

We’ve compiled a list of all the currently known glitches for Modern Warfare 3.

mw3 glitches

Every Call of Duty game has been rife with glitches which have either defined, or broken the multiplayer mode—at least until they were fixed. Modern Warfare 3 is no different. 

That's not to say that it's a broken game or anything like that—only that there are a number of spots, like hidden areas and out-of-bounds locations in the maps that weren't previously found during the game's Q&A. Activision can certainly count on 9 million players to discover glitches even their best testers couldn't find. 

First up is a video from RSPproductionz that showcases various tricks and glitches in the maps Outpost, Downturn, Resistance, Bootleg, and Arkaden. 

RSPproductionz has also produced a video that shows you how to get out of the map in Fallen. This glitch allows you to stand outside the boundaries of the map, reachable only by strafejumping. 

A similar trick can be done on the single player mission called Fatal Extraction.

This next glitch will more or less pause the game in Survival mode as a K-9 runs headlong into a turret.

Shotguns may be the weakest weapons in Modern Warfare 3, but it's possible to perform a Shotgun Jump with the shotgun. Like performing rocketjumps in Team Fortress 2, you can do the same thing with a shotgun. Here's a guide on how to perform the Shotgun Jump. 

Finally, here's a video that shows a couple of spots on Seatown that allows you to sprintjump and strafe to hidden areas on the map. Also included in this video is Arkaden, which has a number of good sniping spots where no one can see you. They aren't glitches per se, but it's worth the watch nonetheless.