Minecraft Xbox 360 Glitches & Cheats

These glitches will make you infinitely powerful on Minecraft Xbox 360. Keep in mind that the upcoming update may render some of these glitches ‘fixed’ so you’ll have only until then to try them out.

minecraft xbox 360 glitches

Minecraft for the Xbox 360 is every bit as thorough as its counterpart on the PC, and part and parcel of playing it is dealing with glitches that come up due to the game's vastness. Many of these bugs and glitches are dealt with in each of the game's frequent patches that get released from time to time, but a few of them inevitably remain.

These glitches will help you to gain the upper hand by allowing you to exploit the world and its array of glitches to enrich your own experience in Minecraft.

We've decided to chronicle—if not compile a list of the game's glitches and how to encounter them, if not use them to your advantage.

Chest Inside a Block Glitch

The best way to hide your chest might be to use a piston to push a block on it, but since that requires work, here's a much easier method.

Water Breathing Glitch

Using this glitch you'll be able to stay underwater forever without ever having to come up for air.

Fence Stacking

Normally, you're not supposed to be able to stack fances, but using this glitch, you can!

Secret Painting Glitch

Using this glitch, you can use paintings as a form of secret door, which you'll be able to walk through.

Dupe Glitch

This glitch will allow you to duplicate items so you'll never have to worry about mining for diamonds or obsidian ever again.

Cape on Every Skin Glitch

Most skins in Minecraft do not have capes, so this glitch will allow you to transfer a cape from one skin to another. You won't be able to see your own cape, but everyone else will.

Glitch out of the Nether

This is not a particularly useful glitch, but it'll allow you to zap yourself out of the Nether. Thankfully, the guide in the video teaches you how to spawn back into the normal world if you find yourself trapped outside.

X-Ray Vision Glitch

This glitch will allow you to see through the world with an X-Ray vision-like bug.