Top 5 Best MMORPGs of 2011

Best mmorpgs 2011 | Top mmorpgs 2011 – ”World of Warcraft” may be the reigning MMORPG at the moment, but five games this year have plans to take on Blizzard’s giant. Here are the five best MMORPGs of 2011.

Blizzard’s “World of Warcraft” may well be the reigning MMORPG at the moment, but a small number of upcoming titles have lofty plans to stage a rebellion and overthrow the king. If gamers are willing to try something new instead of embracing the old, we might well see some real competition within the MMO genre.  

DUST 514 

dust 514

Being one of the only MMO first person shooters in existence, expectations are riding high for CCP Games’ upcoming “DUST 514”. Designed to be bridged with the real-time events of CCP’s other MMORPG, “EVE Online”, the company hopes that the two communities will merge into something cohesive when the game is released. Hilmar Petursson, the company’s CEO was quoted as saying "while the fleet does the flying, the infantry does the dying" with regards to how the two games will work together.  

DUST 514 is one of the few MMOs being developed for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles in addition to the PC.  

DC Universe Online 

dc universe online

DC Universe Online” is a new take on the superhero genre, previously visited in Cryptic Studios’ “City of Heroes” and “City of Villians” and their newer title, “Champions Online”. While the aforementioned games are self-sustaining and somewhat profitable, they failed to live up to expectations. 

I’m no fan of superheroes, but known superheroes (rather than the concept of “superheroism”) happen to be the biggest draw to superhero fans. “DC Universe Online” offers just that. With the direction of renown comic book writer Jim Lee and other talented folks from DC, “DC Universe Online” promises to be a genuine superhero experience with appearances from characters like Superman, Batman, the Legion of Doom and other staples of the DC Universe.  

Not simply designed for the PC, “DC Universe Online” is the only MMORPG that can also be played on the PlayStation 3.  

TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arboren 

tera the exiled realm of arboren

Atypical of most MMORPGs, the Korean-developed "TERA Online" features a real-time battle system that uses the third person camera view, and plays akin to games like "God of War" and "Bayonetta" rather than titles like "World of Warcraft", which feature automated attacks. In addition to typical RPG elements, players must be skilled in combat by actively dodging enemy attacks and executing moves. The game can be played through a keyboard and mouse or a gamepad.  

Players can choose from six races, one of which includes the adorable race of animals called Popori. Not to be confused with furries, the Popori are stubby, diminutive creatures who resemble fat animals in costumes more than anything else. They come in a variety of cute forms, including rabbits, dogs, raccoons, pandas and badgers. Squee!   

Guild Wars 2 

Guild wars 2

The first "Guild Wars" redefined the MMORPG genre with its free to play set up and competitive leagues. With a tightly knit cooperative gameplay experience, Guild Wars went above and beyond what most pay-to-play MMORPGs (with a few exceptions) accomplished.  

"Guild Wars 2" is a return to that setting, now featuring many different races to play as, including the dog-like Charr with whom you did battle in the first game. The game promises to feature a more open environment, with larger scale battles and an interesting story to boot. If you aren't willing to invest time and money in a hardcore MMORPG but want to enjoy a cooperative online experience, "Guild Wars 2" is definitely your best bet.  

Star Wars: The Old Republic 


"World of Warcraft" may well be the reigning MMORPG at the moment, but Bioware intends to give Blizzard a run for its money with "Star Wars: The Old Republic". The game will allow you to side with the Republic or the Sith while choosing from a variety of classes like the Han Solo-inspired Smuggler and the Bounty Hunter.  

While not terribly different from traditional MMORPGs, "The Old Republic" diverges from "World of Warcraft" by offering fully voiced characters and a large emphasis on story. Players will also be able to own their own starship as an in-game base.  

We'll just have to see if it's enough to topple "World of Warcraft".