Outlast 2 Ban Overturned in Australia; Will Release Legally With R18+ Rating

Outlast 2 is now set to release in Australia legally thanks to the changing of the game’s rating from RC to R18+. Last week, the Classification Board of Australia banned the game due to a ‘ritualistic’ sex scene in which the main character, Blake Langermann, is sexually assaulted by a female creature.

Since then, Australian senator David Leyonhielm made comments on the ban stating that the internet is filled with unpleasant images involving real people – not computer generated images and that the Classification Board should just leave “video gamers alone.”

It seemed that might have changed the minds of some on the board because now the game is going to be allowed to be sold legally in the country of Australia. As you can see from down below, the chart lists the games “themes, violence, and sex” at high impact, making the game rated R18+.


Outlast 2 is coming out this April 25 for Xbox, PS4, and PC.