Rocket League Dev Speaks Out Against Real-Money Betting Announcement

Earlier today, Unikrn, a platform that allows you to bet real money on competitive gaming matches, announced that Psyonix’s Rocket League was joining its lineup in Australia.

Pysonix itself has officially responded to the news, saying that it does not support betting on Rocket League. Psyonix VP of Publishing Jeremy Dunham said in a statement to GameSpot that, “Psyonix is not affiliated with Unikrn, nor do we support or endorse online betting for our game.”

Unikrn said in its announcement today that Rocket League was approved by regulators in Australia to have the game available for real-money betting in the platform’s sportsbook in that vountry. Australia and the UK are the two regions worldwide that offer real-money gaming betting through Unikrn, although the company made no announcement about the UK for Rocket League.

GameSpot is currently attempting to follow up with Unikrn in order to get more details about this situation.

Unikrn also offers odds on big-name games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Dota 2, Counter: Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and League of Legends among others.