Cliff Bleszinski Finds The PlayStation VR Gimmicky Right Now

Virtual reality is the next big step in the video game industry as manufacturers have been working hard to deliver new innovative headsets. Sony is no exception as just five months ago, the company launched their PlayStation VR headset.

Working alongside the PlayStation 4 console, the headset offers a means of VR gaming for Sony’s home console. However, because we’re still very much in the early stages of VR, it’s not surprising that there are still few video game titles to really sell the device.

Cliff Bleszinski is a famed video game developer who may be known best for the creation of Gears of War, a staple exclusive video game title for Microsoft. Recently, Cliff Bleszinski spoke out on his opinion of the PlayStation VR through his official Twitter account.

According to the developer, the PlayStation VR is still a bit of a gimmick. This is due to the lack of “real” video games for VR. Instead, the developer finds that most video games released lack depth and offer more of a test gimmick experience of what a VR game could be like once developed.

Again, VR headsets are still early on in development and have yet to even reach a year into the market for Sony’s PlayStation VR. With more gamers adopting the headset, we’ll likely find new exciting titles to experience in VR.

Do you agree with Cliff Bleszinski or are there enough titles out right now that make the PlayStation VR a purchase? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.