Activision Reapplies “Sing Hero” Trademark

Could Activision be making another spin-off to its Guitar Hero franchise? The publisher has reapplied for its "Sing Hero" trademark with the USPTO, which was originally filed back in 2009.

Although, unlike the old trademark, the new trademark covers computer games software for use on "mobile and cellular phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), electronic organizers, electronic notepads, handheld computers and portable and handheld digital electronic devices."

So does this mean Activision is going to compete with the likes of SingStar soon? Don't list the game down yet, as this could be a pre-emptive move on the publisher's part in securing a potential title and nothing more. It's worth adding that Activision also filed trademarks for both "Keyboard Hero" and "Drum Hero" a few years back. These filings didn't produce any games whatsoever and were declared dead in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Activision's last spin-off of the Guitar Hero franchise, DJ Hero, was released in 2009, but was not received well by consumers. Speaking of which, even the main brand (Guitar Hero) is now on a development hiatus after its last few commercial releases failed to light up the retail charts.

Anyone up for Sing Hero? If Activision is indeed developing this, they should tie this up with the various reality shows to reach a broader audience, no?

Source: Fusible