New Quake Champions Gameplay Trailer Shows Off New Character Nyx

Bethesda released a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming PC shooter Quake Champions today. Yesterday, it announced a closed beta for the game that you can sign up for here.

This new video highlights the stealthy character Nyx, a fast-moving and agile character who can wall-run, and sneak around with her ghost-walking ability that makes her temporarily invisible and invincible. Bethesda has also written up an official profile for Nyx, who is a Fathom Agent.

This video follows a new gameplay video that Bethesda released yesterday. Another one that focuses on the Blood Covenant map, will be published tomorrow.

Her stats are as follows:


Starting Statistics:

  • Starting Health: 100
  • Starting Armor: 75
  • Speed: 270

Active Ability — Ghost Walk: using the Ghost Walk Active Ability moves Nyx into another dimension, instantly making her invisible and immune to damage. Players can use this ability to escape tough battles, maneuver unseen behind unsuspecting enemies, or even avoid damage from incoming projectiles. Re-materializing in the same spot as an enemy will result in an instant Ability Kill.

Passive Ability — Wall Jump: Nyx’s Passive Ability extends her mobility by allowing her to jump twice–once off the floor and another time off of a nearby wall. Wall Jump can help players traverse wide distances between heights or gain the upper hand in a showdown with foes by creating more space to aim and frag.