Medal of Honor Warfighter Seal Team 6 Part Five Highlights the “Demolitions” Class

Following its weekly schedule, Danger Close has once again released a new chapter in its Seal Team 6 Combat Training video series. This time, it's the Demolitions class' turn. Unfortunately, the footage once again does not pack a lot of gameplay, but it does have doors being breached and explosions happening in real life.

According to Danger Close, the Demolition class is described as an expert at "Leveling obstacles in the midst of high pressure scenarios." Not only that but "Heavily armored demolition teams are called in to tactically plant and defuse explosives of every kind while withstanding significant enemy firepower."

To make things short, this class is the expert at making things go boom!

Same as the previous entries in the series, an unnamed Tier 1 Operator is narrating the video and giving is a brief rundown on what the Demolition class does in real life. That's accompanied by real life footage of doors being blown up and whatnot. 

I'm honestly hoping Danger Close collects all these real-life clips and makes it as an extra in Medal of Honor Warfighter for completing the game or whatnot. 

Medal of Honor Warfighter ships on October 23 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.