New Prey Trailer Shows Players the Endless Amounts of the Mimic Ability

Bethesda has released a new trailer for Arkane Studios upcoming game, Prey. The trailer focuses on one of the main abilities in the game, which is called mimic.

In Prey, you will be able to transform into over 400 items. Mimics will allow players to find alternative paths, different gameplay techniques and much more

Check out the Mimic Madness down below:

“Mimic is a really fun power with a lot of uses,” says Lead Designer Ricardo Bare. “The most obvious is stealth. It’s a great way to hide from an alien that might be too strong for you. Or, you can get the drop on an alien by ambushing them. It’s also a really good way to access a closed-off area. Maybe there’s a security booth that you don’t have the key to – you could mimic something small enough to slip through a security slot.”

When you reach Level 2 of Mimic Matter, you can take the form of more complex objects like turrets. “You not only look like a turret but you can fire like a turret,” says Lead Systems Designer Seth Shain. “If you’re running low on ammo, it’s a really useful way to take down enemies.” And as you further advance this ability, you’ll eventually be able to mimic Operator robots and fly through Talos I with different robotic tools and weapons.

Arkane Studios is taking Prey to the next level with giving players almost unlimited amount of freedom on how they wish to play the game. Take out an enemy while mimicking a turret? Want to enter a room that’s locked, but might be able to fit in it if mimicked correctly? The choices are endless. Watch 15 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming title right here. 

Prey is scheduled to release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 5.