Uncharted Movie Script Written With R Rating In Mind

There’s several video game franchises that have been adapted into a film and very few, if any, have been well received from fans of the source material. However, with Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series, the games felt as if we’re playing in a blockbuster movie.

Recently, the screenwriter for the Uncharted movie, Joe Carnahan, revealed that the script was completely done on Instagram and today, thanks to an interview between Carnahan and Coming Soon, we now know that the film was written with an R rating in mind.

During the interview, Joe Carnahan spoke of how he wrote the film as it should have been written as he looked closely at how the interactions and storyline played out within the video game franchise.

“When I wrote “Uncharted,” I didn’t spare the rod. I wrote it the way the video game is. They swear in the game, they’re kinda foul-mouthed and I kept all that stuff intact and I definitely didn’t write it as a “PG-13” movie, I wrote it the way that movie should be written.”

The screenwriter continued on to say that watering down a film to reach a PG-13 rating is a cop out and doesn’t bring in any more amount of money by making the film available to a wider audience.

Likewise, there was plenty of discussion in the past that writing an Uncharted film would essentially be a rehash of an Indian Jones film in which Carnahan clearly saw the difference between the two IPs.

“Listen, I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan, which was one of my interests in it and you have to remember you’ve got Sully as well, so it’s more of a buddy situation than just Drake solo. You have this kind of Hope & Crosby, “Road to Morocco” kind of thing, so it’s not a straight Indy lift.

Drake is not a guy who likes museums. He thinks they’re all crooked. Curators are “thieves,” the guys in the Louvre and The Met are thieves and despicable. He’s a treasure hunter, not an archaeologist. He doesn’t have Indiana Jones’ idea of pure faith in archaeology. That’s not the way he thinks.”