Total War: ARENA Development Diaries Kicks Off With A Bang

From the same team who brought us Total War: Warhammer comes Total War: ARENA, the first free to play exclusively online multiplayer title born out of last year’s union between Wargaming, SEGA and Creative Assembly. The first development diaries episode from Total War: ARENA details insights on the upcoming game’s progress, and planned features. The series aims to provide a behind the scenes look at the Total War team’s partnership with Wargaming Alliance and how the combined knowledge and experience of each companies promises a great game for newcomers and Total War veterans alike.

Total War: ARENA Lead Development Manager Geoff Smith says to make the battles as immersive as possible, there have been additions to content teams, animation, audio, character art, as well as gameplay enhancements put in place to improve battle features and front end features. Most importantly, the amount of dedicated staff serving in the online services team has been expanded to stabilise Total War: ARENA’s infrastructure. Lead Programmer Alex de Roseé clarifies that many of these features will not be conspicuous to players on the surface, but will improve their experience in the long term. As for more noticeable changes, Roseé says players can expect smaller refinements in UI such as the mini-map being much clearer, with unit overlays explaining what’s happening mid-battle.

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