Time-looping Adventure ‘Elsinore’ Borrows from Literary Classic Hamlet

Set in the same universe as Shakespeare’s classic Hamlet, Golden Glitch Studios’ Elsinore tells the tale of Ophelia, a Danish woman of noble descent who awakens from a nightmare with a dreadful vision: Every soul in Elsinore Castle will die within four days. Players control Ophelia as she encounters the same four days over and over (a bit like Groundhog Day), in an attempt to change the future. 

Elsinore’s gameplay will comprise of strong social simulation in a similar fashion to MMO Ever, Jane, and a dynamic, choice-based system that will alter the course of the story. In addition, there will be an environment populated by a cast of diverse characters with their own secrets waiting to be uncovered. Interested players can pre-order Elisnore from the game’s official website for $17.00 USD. Elisnore is designed for PC, Mac and Linux and is expected to release in early 2017.

Elsinore was originally kickstarted back in 2015 to the tune of $32,217 USD.