Monochromatic Narrative Game ‘Evangeline’ is About Losing Your Grandpa

Louisiana based developer Raconteur Games has just launched their short story experience which centres around the themes of love and loss. Entitled Evangeline, the game draws inspiration from the passing away of Nicholas Laborde’s grandfather.

As CEO of Raconteur, Laborde decided to create something which encouraged players to connect more with loved ones:

“2016 was a rough year for everyone, including for us here in Louisiana with the flooding, and for me personally — the loss of my grandfather. Evangeline is a very personal experience about putting more love and kindness into the world and appreciating our loved ones as we enter a new year with new challenges.”

Quite the departure from Raconteur’s debut title Close OrderEvangeline takes place in a grayscale neighbourhood, where players need to rely on colours as clues to help them piece together the narrative.

Evangeline is out now and is free to play. Players also have the option to pay whatever they feel the game is worth, similar to the purchasing style used on free titles.