King’s Quest gets Free Epilogue Episode, Gwendolyn made Playable Character

The Odd Gentlemen’s episodic puzzle adventure series King’s Quest came to an end this October with its fifth chapter, The Good Knight, but for players who own the entire collection, a special surprise is in store.

A free epilogue episode which gives players control of King Graham’s granddaughter Gwendolyn was released just two days ago. Since the free episode is not available as a standalone purchase, there won’t be any achievements to unlock.

King’s Quest is a reboot of the original graphic adventure series which came out in the 1980’s. All of the original games have been designed by Sierra’s Roberta Williams, with Sierra taking on role of publisher for the reboot.

Interested players can purchase the complete collection of King’s Quest games (with the epilogue episode included) through Steam for just $14.99 USD. It is currently 50% off the original price of $29.99 USD. Alternatively, newcomers to the series keen on just trying it on for size can play the first episode absolutely free.