Aquaman Casts Patrick Wilson as Villain Ocean Master

News came out today that Patrick Wilson will be appearing in the new Aquaman film. He will join a star-studded cast which includes Amber Heard who is playing Mera, Queen of Atlantis, and of course Jason Momoa, who is playing Aquaman himself.

He will be playing Orm, Aquaman’s evil, fully human, half-brother. However, he is better known by the moniker “Ocean Master.” Constantly scheming and plotting, Orm tends to be very impulsive and often wreaks havoc when things don’t quite go his way.

Orm is constantly scheming to usurp Aquaman’s Atlantean throne and the siblings share similar powers. According to comic lore, Ocean Master is adept at magical manipulation and can utilize it for many effects including magical bolts and telepathy. If he is separated from his trident, which is the focus of his power, he suffers excruciating pain. His helmet allows him to breathe underwater and his augmented body armor helps him withstand the pressure of the ocean.

Wilson acknowledged his Aquaman role on social media Monday, tweeting to director James Wan, “Teehee. Here we go,” He said.

Aquaman will make a splash in theatres on October 5th 2018.