Techland’s New Open-World IP has a New Lead Designer

Damien Monnier, a very prominent developer who played an important role in the development of the Witcher 3, has moved to Techland. Monnier left CD Projekt Red in November this year, and will now be joining the studio who is responsible for developing big games such as Dead Island and Dying Light.

CD Projekt Red said that Monnier’s departure from the studio was a mutual decision between the two parties. Monnier previously worked as a senior designer at CD Projekt Red. CD Projekt Red appeared indifferent, but Monnier doesn’t appear to be able to contain his excitement.

Monnier will be working on Techland’s new (unannounced) IP project as lead designer. The new IP will be an open-world fantasy game with both co-op and single player. “new exciting IP that got me all *__*”- said Monnier.

“We’ve got really big ambitions for our next internally developed games so people with ingenious ideas as well as the skill and knowledge to bring them to life are absolutely essential.”- said Techland. It should be interesting to see what Monnier’s experience with games such as the Witcher 3 will bring to Techland and their new IP.