French Indie Seasons of Heaven Explores the Telepathic Relationship of a Boy with Asperger’s & his Dog

Independent Studio AnyArts Productions has announced their Nintendo Switch exclusive title, Seasons of Heaven, an adventure game starring Yann, a young boy with Asperger Syndrome and his bulldog companion, Ani.


The game is set in a mystical forest location, and is inspired by the French novel Les Saisons du Paradis (The Seasons of Heaven) which deals with the fate of humanity from the beginning of time to the eventual fall of civilisation. Central to the novel’s overlying plot is the theme of human nature, and in particular, how human ego is responsible for the demise of the world.

Both Yann and Ani will be playable characters, with players having the option to alternate between the two at different gameplay sequences. The game is currently being developed using Unreal Engine 4. French website Gameblog has uploaded a few screenshots showcasing the different environments in the game.

Seasons of Heaven is expected to release in 2018. You can follow the latest developments through AnyArts Productions’ Facebook page.