Delicious on the Cob: Maize is an Adventure Game About Sentient Corn

When two scientists misconstrue a memo from the U.S. Government, they create a GMO corn like never before. The corn they create is sentient, which unlocks a plethora of secrets and environmental puzzles that players can enjoy.


Maize is a first person adventure game starring the world’s most popular cereal crop, which takes place around two main locations: an abandoned farm, and an underground research facility. Part of Maize’s mystery and appeal lies in uncovering what the corn really want, the other half in the places you go, and the cast of lovable characters you’ll meet. A small, very grumpy Russian bear and an unhinged corn stalk with an attitude problem are the two revealed on Maize’s Steam page.

The game’s reveal trailer gives some insight into Maize’s gameplay, a humorous cinematic in which the bear criticises the puzzle design and argues with corn stalks.

Maize has just released on Steam, where you can grab it for $17.99USD, 10% off the original price. For more information on Maize, be sure to follow developers Finish Line Games on Twitter and Facebook.