Ruthless Co-op Survival Game The Wild Eight Delayed to 2017

A successful kickstarter earlier this year locked in funding for Eight Points’ upcoming eerie survival adventure, The Wild EightSet in the Alaskan wilderness, the game is ultimately a test of endurance against a backdrop of sub-zero degree temperatures, starvation, and a corrupt government smothering any evidence of their dastardly experiments.


The Wild Eight stars an ensemble of eight ordinary people whose lives are changed forever following a shock plane crash. To stay alive in the bleak, Alaskan environments, players must help them craft and scavenge for resources, hunt animals to stay alive, and avoid being mauled by wolves.

While Eight Points is not announcing a precise release date, we do know an approximate time-frame, which is currently being listed as Q1 of 2017. The developers have decided to invest more time into polishing the game’s upgrade system and fixing any bugs, a process which could take another 2 months.

The Wild Eight is expected to release in Q1 2017 for PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One. Interested players can try out a demo right here. For the latest updates, make sure to follow The Wild Eight on Twitter and Facebook.