Hellish Survival Game Agony is Smashing Its Way Through Kickstarter

A brutal romp through the depths of hell is the essence of Agony, an upcoming survival horror game now on kickstarter. Developer Madmind has more than doubled their original funding goal, and is now working towards making the game VR compatible.


Agony puts players in charge of a tormented soul who must find a way to escape the hellish landscapes surrounding them. This means various things, such as possessing demons, collecting secret notes and letters, and collecting ancient artifacts to uncover pathways in separate dimensions. CEO of Madmind Studio Tomasz Dutkiewicz believes that true horror comes from relinquishing the mind’s limits:

“To induce anxiety, fear and shivers on your back, you can’t rely only on well-known images, but you must reach deep into your own mind and get rid of the limitations, drawing inspiration from there. This is the only way to reach the deep-seated fear of death and suffering, and Agony will draw inspiration mainly from this place.”

Agony is due for release in Q2 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. For more on Agony, you can check out our Gamescom footage here.