UK Retailer GAME is Charging People For PlayStation VR Demos


UK retailer GAME is trying something… a bit controversial. The retailer is charging people up to £15 (approx $18.34 USD)  in order to try out the headset in-store.

The UK retailer has launched a PlayStation VR promotion where customers can try out Sony’s new headset at its stores stores, but for a price. Customers need to book a time and date for a test run before being charged a fee, which varies according to how long you want to play for.

A 10 minute demonstration will cost £5 ($6 USD), a 20 minute demo will cost £10 ($12 USD), and a 30 minute test will set customers back £15 ($18 USD). Customers are also required to follow a set of rules as well in order to play the demo.

Before that, a GAME staff will provide a short introductory brief on the PlayStation VR before it is fired up. Once the demo starts, customers are required to (according to GAME’s small print:

  • Remain seated at all times and until headset is removed;
  • Close eyes and raise your hand if you become uncomfortable and want to stop the demo;
  • Remain calm and minimise erratic head and limb movements;
  • Stop moving if GAME staff place a hand on your shoulder; and
  • Not touch, remove or interfere with the headset or connected equipment except as directed by GAME staff.

However, if a customer does want to purchase the PlayStation VR, the paid fee will be deducted from the headset’s deposit, and this is available immediately after the completion of the demo.

There were also a number of people who were pretty upset that GAME would try to do something like this. Some have even deemed it exploitative and a breach of software EULA,