Save 15% on Steam Copy of Civilization VI Deluxe and Standard


Believe it or not, the variety of Civ VI deals has been in an upswing in recent weeks but things have finally settled now that the 6th installment to the storied Sid Meier’s series have been released. Live at midnight this morning, Civilization VI has thus far receive decent fan reception on Steam user reviews. If you’ve made a decision on the game based on all the current let’s play, live streams, and reviews – you can currently enjoy a nice 15% off deal on the Steam key of Civ VI.

Deluxe and Standard Edition Civ VI Deals:

GMG is the PC gaming retailer with the current (and as far as we can see only) deal from an authorized retailer by 2K/Firaxis.

To pick up the discount on a just-release title and move past the strict pricing 2K has been placed on the game – simply log in and add the game to cart in order to see the 15% off discount. Your total price break will be $9 off for the Standard and $12 for the more expensive digital deluxe.

Standard or Deluxe?

If you were setting aside $60 for Civilization VI and now see there’s a discount to $67 on the Deluxe, it’s worth asking… do you get the cheap Standard Edition for $51, or fork over $8 more than what you were planning to spend for Deluxe?

It’s really a personal choice and depends on how much of a die-hard Civ fan you are. Deluxe includes the base game, a soundtrack, and 4 additional DLC packs. We’re not sure exactly what’s in the DLC, but 2K does tell us it will be cheaper to buy Deluxe over purchasing each DLC separately (so they’ll cost more than $20 to buy separately). If you enjoy starting up various scenarios and trying different map packs and civilizations – then going Deluxe certainly wouldn’t be a bad bet.

If you simply want to play Civilization VI today and now at the absolutely cheapest price – then the 15% off Standard Edition deal above is best way to go.