Videogame Collection Nets More than One Million Dollars from eBay Sale

Just how bad do you want to be a videogame connoisseur/collector? Are you willing to plunk down more than $1 Million for someone's insanely expensive — albeit, rather impressive — videogame collection?

Well, it seems someone thinks so as the eBay listing has since been bought for 999,999.99 Euros or about $1,229,899.99 in US currency!

So, what does a million bucks net you in videogame form? The lister states that it's 22 SEGA/Nintendo/ PC Engine "fullsets" that are factory sealed. 

The lister, who goes by the screen name Collectors_King, listed that the bundle includes all games released on Nintendo systems, from Famicom (NES) to the Gamecube.

He also highlights that aside from Nintendo's consoles, the collection also includes all ever released on SEGA's systems and even NEC's systems, too!

If you want to read everything included, click here.

Also of note, the buyer had to shoulder about $1,200 in shipping!

Would you part with a million buckaroos to get your own vintage videogame collection? Unless you have a time machine, chances are you're going to need very deep pockets to get some of the games in this guy's collection.

Source: Game Informer