Corridor Digitals Shows Off A Live-Action Grand Theft Auto V Video Featuring Steven Ogg

There have been no shortages of fans and small film crews bringing out incredible video game fan films. Today we got a look at what a virtual reality version of Grand Theft Auto V could look like. This short video was created by the YouTube channel Corridor Digital and best of all it features Steven Ogg, the actor who portrayed Trevor from the critically acclaimed video game.

The film might not have the biggest budget so don’t expect high-end effects that you would see from big blockbuster movies. However, with that said, this video does an incredible job showing off a live-action real world version of Grand Theft Auto Online with random fighting, jets running into helicopters, police car chases, and more.

We do have to give a quick warning. This is very much an NSFW video with the slew of violence and of course the lovable vulgar loud mouth Trevor. If you were ever interested in see just how chaotic the world of Grand Theft Auto would be in real life then take a look at what Corridor Digital has dubbed GTA The Movie (ft. Steven Ogg) within the video posted.