Gears of War Movie Still In The Works


There seems to be a big push in the movie industry. Lately, it seems that more films are being adapted from video games rather than the comic book universe and there are plenty that are in the works right now such as Portal and the soon to be released, Assassin’s Creed. While we’ve seen a number of video game film adaptations completely fail to meet standards for their respected core gaming audience, it has yet to stop these films from entering production.

Since the Gears of War franchise first entered into the market, we’ve seen plenty of reports on a movie adaption. However, much like several big video game films, Gears of War had been stuck in a limbo. Now, according to GameSpot, The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson has once again brought up news regarding a Gears of War film.

During a Gears of War 4 livestream, Rod Fergusson made mention that a Gears of War movie was in the works between Microsoft and Universal. At this point, the film doesn’t have any director, cast, or producers attached.

Although, it was stated that the film wouldn’t follow a particular video game, but instead, the film would be focusing on how to deliver a great Gears of War story that would stay true to the franchise and fans. I wouldn’t hold your breath just yet for the film as this video game franchise has been reported to receive a movie for nearly a decade now.